House of Harvest Ministries of the Apostolic Faith began on February 5, 1995 - under the leadership of then Pastor Paul D. Meriwether who developed as a minister and great leader under the tutelage of Bishop James A. Johnson I, pastor of Bethesda Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith. It was the same doctrinal teaching imparted by Bishop Johnson that inspired him to continue in the systematic teaching of one God, one faith and one baptism and of dedication to the unfeigned truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His is the foundation upon which this ministry was created. Purposed to fulfill the will and call of God, He embarked on a journey that would forever change his life and the lives of those that embraced what would come to be known as “House of Harvest Ministries of the Apostolic Faith Worship Center and Affiliated Churches and Ministries”. With the leading of the Holy Spirit and the support of his lovely wife, Elect Lady Barbara Meriwether, a house of worship where all are welcome, was born. A tabernacle fit for residency by the King of Glory- a house of God free of reserve or inhibition in the Spirit, where the liberty and authority of God reigned supreme, was the desire of Pastor Meriwether. And God- in all of His perfection and faithfulness- fulfilled that very desire.

House of Harvest Ministries’ inaugural site was 2212 Chambers Road, on the corner of Halls Ferry and Chambers Roads in St. Louis, Missouri. There, we were established for the first five years of our existence, until an area re-development caused us to seek a new residence. However, during our time there, many were saved and set free from the vices and snares of the world. Many came to experience and ultimately possess the saving Power of our Lord Jesus Christ through His gifting of the Holy Spirit. Weekly services, street meetings, and tent revivals invoked a spirit of life, hope and praise on what was once a quiet and subdued corner. Whether there was one that happened to be driving by, or merely walking by, the awe-inspiring power of God drew people to the modest storefront church. But what those who entered quickly came to know was that God indeed dwelled there, and if they had a need and/or desire to be delivered, they had but simply to enter in, and God would miraculously do the rest.

Pastor Meriwether was awakened early one morning in 1999 by the unction of the Lord and directed to come to the location on which we stand today. God spoke the word, and here we are at 3265 Dunn Road in Florissant, Missouri.

What began as what some may have perceived as an overwhelming task the renovation of our building at 3265 Dunn Rd, quickly became an opportunity for the members of House of Harvest Ministries to show their dedication to what God had ordained. From the babies to the Pastor, on a weekly basis, each member had a hand in the renovation and transformation of this building into a temple of God. Initially, there were no painters or construction workers hired for labor in our first phases. That which could be performed by the work of our own hands we did. God had blessed us with a new home and it was OURS! Through the teaching and example set by Pastor Meriwether, we saw the necessity of operating as one in order to accomplish a task. As a result, the hands of those who call this house “home”, was crafted the greater portion of every physical addition and enhancement within these walls. God did bless us and continues to do so even unto our present day. The Lord is yet moving in the midst of His people, and by the love, grace and empowerment of God, we have established a house of God, indeed, “where bountiful blessings flow”.

As God continued to graciously bless the Ministry, Pastor Meriwether was elevated to the office of Bishop, February 23, 2003. Over the course of our existence, other ministries have been birthed from House of Harvest Ministries: Pastors Barton and Valerie Jones- Pastors of Great Commission Church of God, and Pastors Doug and Mary Henderson of New Life Prophetic and Deliverance Ministries, and our very own Evangelist Faye Mosby of Faye Mosby Ministries.

Other ministers fostered by Bishop Meriwether have gone on to operate in the charge God has called them to, as well. They include: Bishop Everett Jefferson Sr., formally of St. Louis, MO, currently residing and pastoring in Laurel, Maryland, Pastor Julia Bias, Pastors Carl and Peggy Anderson, Pastor Paul Fitzgerald and Pastor Pam Jones.


In the year 2005, due to the sovereignty of God, the leadership of the Ministry transitioned to Pastor James G. Hamilton and Elect Lady JoAnn Hamilton. As Pastor Hamilton humbly submits to the will of the Lord as shepherd of this flock, he continues to follow in the vision as set forth by Bishop Meriwether; in that he equips the saints to function at their maximal potential in God with an emphasis on humility, service, love and most certainly- the Kingdom.

Pastor Hamilton is supported, encouraged and prayed for by his lovely wife, elect lady Joann Hamilton. It is fitting that she has a heart for the women and is passionate about building strong marriages; as she is the overseer of the “Road to Oneness” Marriage Fellowship; a department that sees to strengthening and empowering married couples, in addition to being the director of the Women’s Fellowship department. Being a woman intent on creating and maintaining order, Lady Hamilton has also served as the director of the usher board.

In the month of September of 2007, former Elect Lady Barbara Meriwether was ordained and elevated to the office of Assistant Pastor under the leadership of Pastor James Hamilton, and continues to serve this Ministry with excellence and love. She continues to serve as well as our Chief Business Administrator. She formerly served as the Director of the Women’s Fellowship.
In the month of September 2008, House of Harvest Ministries Worship Center officially and graciously received the covering of Higher Ground International Ministries - over which Bishop Larry J. Baylor (Faith Miracle Temple) and Bishop Terence Coleman (Greater Pentecostal Church of God) preside. We are grateful to God for aligning us with an organization that promotes and maintains the level of integrity necessary to effectively further the cause of Christ, and whose ideals and principles of faith are parallel to those of House of Harvest Ministries.

In 2015, the Lord saw fit to graciously elevate our very own Pastor James G. Hamilton to Jurisdictional Overseer within Higher Ground International Ministries. We so appreciate the Lord for this elevation in Spirit and Power for House of Harvest’s faithfulness in upholding the principles of God’s word. As a Jurisdictional Overseer, Pastor continues to teach and preach, while fulfilling his duties to travel, minister and support the mission and great work within HGIM.
In the year of 2022 in the month of July God instructed Apostle Larry J. Baylor, Bishop Terrance E. Coleman and Bishop Ronnie Whittier to elevate Jurisdictional Overseer James G. Hamilton to the role of a Bishop.

Since HOHM’s inception, the mission has remained the same- that is- to reach the lost and equip God’s people with the tools that will enable them to walk victorious in Jesus. There are many avenues by which the work of the Lord may be accomplished in this ministry. Whether it be the food pantry, the evangelistic team, the prison ministry, praise dancing, the drama department, audio/visual, or even working with WordWorks- our clothing line featuring “Jesus N’ Da Hood” apparel, this ministry provides a myriad of ways and avenues by which we may meet the needs –both natural and spiritual- of the community, and so the work of the Lord may be accomplished.

Christian outreach continues to be a focal point of House of Harvest Ministries. Desiring to reach the lost and disenfranchised motivates this ministry to serve and reach out to those in need of restoration and deliverance. Many of the members of this ministry are examples of the delivering power of God- whether it was from addiction, emotional distress- or anything in between. That fact enables the members to work with a high level of dedication and submission to the work of Lord. Because Bishop Meriwether and Pastor Hamilton are a testament to the redeeming power of God, they have welcomed , readily received and encouraged outreach at all levels and within all branches of the ministry. In this ministry, service knows no bounds.

As we continue to work cohesively to accomplish the will of God, our leaders are at the helm of this ship receiving a steady flow of inspiration, direction, and guidance from the Lord- leading us into all truth and righteousness.

Through inspiration of the Holy Spirit, a number of programs have been developed; of note is the ministerial curriculum entitled “Biblical Studies at H.O.H.M.” “B-SAH” is a certificate program aimed at providing an in depth study, to ministerial staff, on a variety of subjects including biblical prophecy, divine healing, and Christian living, to name a few. This teaching was implemented for preparation to minister in the vineyard--effectively. House of Harvest Ministries Worship Center sincerely has a heart for God’s people regardless of age, gender, or station in life. It is this passion- in concert with the Holy Spirit- that led to the purchase of H.O.H.M.W.C’s first transitional home, to aid women in need, called “HOPE at H.O.H.M.”

We thank God for the addition of Harvest Kids Day Care- our child care and development center. As we move forward in the vision God has given us - including, but not limited to the redesign and expansion of our sanctuary, adjacent meeting rooms and facilities- we welcome God’s plan for the future and fully embrace His divine will that we grow to accommodate and fulfill every need of His people!

We value and so appreciate what the Lord has done for us thus far, and with His help and guidance we are sure to be successful in our endeavor to help those in need, and provide those seeking a Spirit-filled, Christ-centered place to worship. We Bless the Lord, for whom He is first, and for all that He has done. We know without God’s divine guidance and instruction, we would cease to be. Therefore, HE alone is worthy of all the Glory for HIS faithfulness unto us. TRULY, WE THANK YOU JESUS, for this, our home- House of Harvest Ministries Worship Center of the Apostolic Faith and all of the Affiliated Ministries. He alone is the Master Craftsman of all we have, have become, and with His help- will grow to be. We thank God for allowing us the privilege to serve Him in this capacity, and

we believe and pray that He will continue to lead us as we go forth in service unto Him.

We thank you again, Jesus- all of the glory truly indeed belongs to YOU!