Bishop James G. Hamilton is the Senior Pastor of the House of Harvest Worship Center founded by Bishop Paul D. Meriwether in 1995. He is the husband of over 37 years to Lady Joann Hamilton and the father of 5 and grand father of 9.  

He was saved in the year 1978 while in the military and was a member of New Mt. Calvary Apostolic Church of the P.A.W under the very capable leadership of then of the late Bishop Lee A. Fields.  He was later called to the ministry and licensed by the PAW in 1982 under the leadership of the late Bishop Phillip L. Scott, Diocesan of the 12th Episcopal District.  He served as a member of New Mt. Calvary for 20 years during which he was later elevated to elder. In 1992 he was ordained in the World Apostolic Fellowship.

While still under the leadership of his father in the gospel the late Bishop Lee A. Fields, Pastor James Hamilton served as assistant pastor at New Mount Calvary. In 1998, he was released to become a part of the kingdom work at the House of Harvest Ministry Worship Center under the leadership of then Pastor Paul D. Meriwether where he also went on to become the assistant Pastor to Bishop Meriwether.  In 2005 through God ordained transition Pastor Hamilton was elevated to Sr. Pastor.

For over 42 years Pastor Hamilton has sought to please God with his life and service in ministry and recognizes that if there has been any success in this endeavor it is by the grace of God due to the tremendous effort of the great leaders and many teachers.

He continues to this day to strive for excellence in service to God by prayer, fasting and theological studies
Lady Jo Ann Hamilton is a Women of God. Faithfully working in the Kingdom since 1979 under the Leadership of Elder Lee Fields (New Mt. Calvary) as her Pastor. She started out as an usher then later became President of the Usher's Board.
In 1985 she married Minister James G. Hamilton and to this union was born a daughter and she also raised a son. She served during this time as a Sunday School teacher. She was the Asst. Secretary of the Usher's Board in the MDC organization for 3 years and later became the Secretary for another 3 years.
In 1999 their membership moved to House of Harvest Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Paul D. Meriwether. Under his leadership she received the call from God.
At House of Harvest Ministries she became a part of the Ministry along with Usher's President. In 2005 Assistant Pastor James G. Hamilton became Senior Pastor. This was a new journey in both their lives being Pastor & Lady Hamilton.